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Matt and the early years

Matt was born in Bedford, Ohio, the youngest of five children. His father, Bill Grocott, owned a two man barber shop in nearby Northfield. His mother, Irene, taught high school art classes. One of Matt's most vivid memories as a child was watching his father count up the weeks earnings on the kitchen table and dividing up the cash according to households expenses.

We never thought of ourselves as poor, but I know my parents struggled to get by. Nonetheless, I have fond memories of my childhood. We lived in a log cabin house my dad built on 7 acres of wooded property. There was always something to do, some adventure! At age thirteen, Matt lost his father to a heart attack.

Matt's father built this boat before going into WWII
Soon after the passing of his father, Matt's mother accepted a scholarship on his behalf to Western Reserve Academy (WRA) for him, a private school in Hudson, Ohio. Attending WRA was a great opportunity and opened the door for me to attend college; it was a life changing experience. Matt soon discovered the sport of wrestling. I did other sports in school: cross-country, track, and soccer. But wrestling was my sport. It taught me about hard work, discipline and pushing myself further than I ever thought I could.

After high school, Matt enrolled at the University of Florida in Gainesville to study architecture and to wrestle. At the end of his sophomore year, Florida's wrestling program was discontinued. He transferred to Clemson University in South Carolina to continue his studies and to wrestle. In 1981, Matt graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Design (Architecture).

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