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Getting to know Matt

Born: November 20, 1958, Bedford, Ohio
Occupation: San Mateo County Small Business Owner, San Carlos
Council Member
Education: Bachelor of Science in Design, Clemson University, College of
Architecture, 1981
Spouse: Vivien Grocott
Matt and Viv Matt and Daniel
Children: Patrick and Daniel

Matt has served on the San Carlos City Council since 2001; he was the city's mayor in 2005, the same year he was chair of the Belmont-San Carlos Fire Board. He served again as the mayor in 2012.

In 2009, Matt was elected chair of C/CAG's Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee and served for two terms.

Other committees Matt has served on include: the San Francisco Airport Community Roundtable; County/Cities Association of Governments (C/CAG) Airport Land Use Commission, Congestion Management Program & Environmental Committee; the San Mateo County Library Governing Board; the San Mateo County Convention & Visitors Bureau and the San Mateo County Emergency Services Council.

During his three terms on the San Carlos City Council, Matt has had a reputation of being an independent voice for the people. Folks know he is not swayed by special interests, polling, or even the city staff's analysis of an issue. He's been known to ask tough questions and challenge the status quo when needed.

Each time Matt has campaigned for council, he's done so without the typical list of endorsements. His campaigns have always been a grass-roots effort. Matt feels the most important endorsement he can receive is on election day from the San Carlos voters!

Matt's record on the council has been one that demonstrates a concern for the citizens, the average working family and the small business owner. Matt's pledge for the next four years is to keep the same grounding. Of particular concern in the immediate future is the current version of the San Carlos Transit Village, coupled with the Grand Boulevard Initiative. He is concerned about the impacts these projects will have on our way of life, traffic, parking, and the scale of change to San Carlos in general. Matt has brought a much-needed voice to this debate to date.

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